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Teens 13-17


In his Harvard Business Review article “What parents Should Tell Their Kids About Finding a Career,” James Citrin writes, “’s difficult to advise kids about how careers really work today and how to get any job, much less a great job. All parents love their kids and want to set them up for a life of self-sufficiency, meaning and happiness. You can’t give them a map, but you can give them encouragement that there is indeed one, and can

help them learn to read it for themselves.”

parents helping teens find their career


Where is that map and how can we help our kids learn to read it? When is it best to start those conversations? Citrin offers great advice to college grads in The Career Playbook, but does it make sense to explore the career map after college?


That sense of direction, that career map should begin to unfold before your college student drops in on the Career Services office to write a resume during his last college semester, before your daughter changes her major for the second time, before you and your kid spend hundreds of hours and dollars on the frenzied college application process, even before you and your child choose between a vocational school or local high school.

The Journey Begins

That’s where Discover My Career comes in. We show parents and their children, starting at age 13, how to work together on career exploration and planning. We start with assessments for parents and kids to learn their similarities and differences. You practice a new way to communicate with your child. You become parent as Coach. Using online tools and professional career coach guidance, you follow a four-step program that helps you support your child through education decisions and career discovery.


The map starts with discovery.....who your child is....what her strengths are.....what are her preferences....what is his communication does she like to learn....and what motivates her. Armed with “who” your child is, now you can explore vocations and careers that play to his or her strengths and unique persona.

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