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Our Process

Who Am I?

We start with in-depth personality, interests, and values assessments to help you better understand yourself and what careers might be a good match for you.   Learning about the details of your personality type and how it differs from others will help you understand and communicate your strengths more effectively.  Your coaches will analyze the assessment reports and together you will begin the career discovery process.

What is Unique About Me?

A detailed discussion of your reports will be covered during your first session.  You’ll learn how to explore from the inside out, starting with your preferences and what is unique about you.  Through positive questioning, you will begin your career exploration with many possibilities and learn how to find a good fit.

Where Do I Want to Go?

We can give you the practical tools you need to design your future.  Our two-step process can be customized to fit your needs. First we guide you through career discovery.  Second, we plan and conduct your structured job search.  You choose the steps and program pieces that will serve you best.

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