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Anne Marie
Franchesca & Francina



Working with Jackie and Donna was a truly helpful experience for me as I navigated the uncertain nature of post-employment pandemic life. They were extremely professional and offered great insight into improving how I marketed myself. My biggest take away was the use of self-analysis tools that they provided, I was able to find great ways to improve interview conversations as well as in writing compelling cover letters. They were always available for questions and pushed me when I needed it. I highly recommend anyone who is having career doubts to contact them as they  truly are a great resource and will work with you to find your next calling.   


I reached out to Donna and Jacquelyn when I was going through several changes in my personal life and with a hope to transition out of a particular career path. They were wonderful confidants at a time like this because, as a team, they approach coaching in a holistic manner - provoking deep thought on how the personal and professional work together to feed our life goals. 

Their approach was highly customized and flexible - we agreed on both budget and expectations and continuously checked in about my needs and schedule. 

Donna and Jacquelyn provided practical tools to help me connect my skills and interests with actual career options. They also demonstrated intercultural understanding and knowledge about careers in a global context - something I highly valued as someone who had been working internationally for several years. 

Their encouragement to conduct informational interviews has helped me greatly in feeling confident and prepared to reach out to individuals who may have insight to share; they even helped connect me to someone in their network. Donna and Jacquelyn provide resources and teach you the skills to be able to continuously evaluate career choices even after you finish working with them. I would recommend their coaching to both individuals just starting their careers as well as those who are more established since the questions they ask you are useful at all stages of life.   

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