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About Us

About Donna...

Donna’s career started in radio news as a reporter and news director in small market stations and as a stringer for NBC radio news.   Her first career gap came when she moved across the country to Seattle and wasn’t able to land a news job...

About Jackie...

Jackie’s career journey has traversed the corporate, nonprofit, academic and

entrepreneurial worlds and she has guided and inspired students and professionals in the U.S. and abroad...

Our Philosophy

We launched our business in 2014 and today we help a growing number of high school students, twenty somethings and their parents connect the dots between what is unique about their personalities and strengths and which professions might be most rewarding.


Through Discover My Career, you gain insight into your own special attributes.  This allows you to explore career options that fit you best and it helps you communicate more effectively with your professional network and potential employers.  


Our array of career discovery and job search services allows you to customize a plan that builds your confidence.  We believe that career discovery puts you on the right path and job search teaches you valuable skills and knowledge you’ll use throughout your career.

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