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Discover My Career

Are you trying to decide if college is for you? Are you trying to decide what major to choose? Are you a young professional still seeking a rewarding career? At Discover My Career our certified career coaches help a growing number of young people choose careers based upon what is unique about their personalities and strengths and which professions might be the most rewarding for them. 

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"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are" - E.E. Cummings

What do you want to be when you grow up?

People start asking you what you want to be by the time you enter kindergarten.  Then, the exercise is playful and the answers are often amusing.  But the conversation becomes more serious once high school begins.  Soon, it’s crunch time.  You need to make important decisions.

If you are like many young adults, you weren’t ready to choose a career or you chose one with little guidance.  You may have done an assessment that listed potential careers for you.  But then what?  

If you went to college, you may have chosen a major based on what a parent suggested or a friend chose.  You may not know what your major equips you to do.  If you did get a job upon graduation, you may not be happy with it.  If you don’t have a job yet, you are probably still trying to figure out what you want to be when you grow up.  And that’s okay.  

At Discover My Career, we can help you find the answer to what you want to be and then show you how to make it happen.

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What if...

What if someone could help you discover what’s unique about you and then connect that to jobs or professions that value your qualities and talents?


What if a coaching team with an extensive business background, expertise in college career counseling, and experience in job search could get you unstuck and teach you how to design your career?

Why Discover My Career?

We developed this program based on our extensive experience in the business, nonprofit, and education fields.  We are both professionally trained life coaches with an emphasis on career discovery and transition.  As a university career counselor and a life skills coach, we have worked with students and adults at all stages of their lives and careers.  

We have found that the self-exploration that begins with deciding what to do after high school is the foundation for the ongoing process that successful individuals embrace at various stages in their lives.  

We believe that if we show you a better way to think about your future, we will provide life-long skills that lead to success at every critical life transition.  Let us help you figure out what’s practical for you.  We believe in ongoing education and nurturing strengths, supporting aspirations, developing talent and thinking big.  We know that there are many paths to follow during your lifetime and you will choose the ones best suited to you if you first invest the time and effort to learn about yourself.  There is no one true career, but if you get on the right road as you start on your journey, you’re going to avoid the potholes and head toward happiness.

Take action today to discover your career and find your way to professional success!

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